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New Server, New CMS ...

So, my brief affair with Wordpress has come to an end ... got a new server setup yesterday, and threw D6 up on it since I do a fair amount of Drupal core work and soon will be developing almost exclusively for Drupal professionally.

Also moved over all of the old posts ... manually ... didn't feel like writing a tool to do it when I didn't have much content to move over.

So enjoy the new D6, I've already submitted patches for 2 bugs that I've found :)

Got error 28 from storage engine (1030)

Apparently rather than throwing a “disk full” error message, mysql likes to tell me ERROR 28. Oh how I love mysql error messages.

Also, I really enjoy having to do work on a “production server” that is a virtual machine, with 6GB of disk space, in a test lab.

Good idea guys. Maybe some server monitoring should be in place for a PRODUCTION SERVER, no?

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